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  • To Build Relationships and being a Family who shares our Heart for Jesus! It is our purpose to help strengthen these relationships, by building on the foundation of the scriptures and teachings of Jesus Christ. To empower people to fulfill their God given destiny.

  • The first and foremost and most important relationship that we can have. Because, when our relationship with God is in proper order, it effects all other relationships.

  • When we have a good relationship with our family and build strong families, then we produce a productive church; which then enables us to have good relationships in our church.

  • Victory Assembly of God encourages our people to get involved with the church. We encourage you to use your gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God.

  • Pastor Harn states, " doesn't matter what I preach from the pulpit, if my relationship with the community does not line up with what I say." Victory encourages people to get involved in social activities and events within the community.